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Where does Showbox save downloaded files/movies?

On Android devices Showbox by default will save them in your download folder. You need to use the file manager on your phone, go to the device folders and then you will see a folder named Showbox.

There is also the option and possibility to save the files you stream and download directly to an SD card you may have on your phone.

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Is Showbox Safe? Can it give you a virus?

In summary, Showbox is actually a very safe application and is used by millions across the world. It is highly unlikely you will get any problems. Just because it is not available in the Google Play Store or app store doesn’t mean it’s dangerous. It just means for one reason or another, Google don’t want to list it.

However you need to make sure that you use caution when downloading th...

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How to download Showbox for Android?

For those of you who don’t know, Showbox is a free app where you can stream free movies and TV shows on Android devices.

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What are some other alternative apps like Showbox?

Showbox is one of the king apps when it comes to watching and streaming movies and TV shows online but I have compiled a list of apps you may find suitable if for some crazy reason you don’t like using Showbox.

Popcorn Time
An app that has been around for quite some time and keeps on getting better and better versions with which you can access it. I have both Showbox and Popcorn Time...

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Showbox is not working, keeps freezing, how to fix it?

If Showbox is not working it could be because of a number of things either with the application itself or the device you are using to watch it on. I will try and go through on this post the most common reasons why Showbox can have problems.

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