Is Showbox Safe? Can it give you a virus?


In summary, Showbox is actually a very safe application and is used by millions across the world. It is highly unlikely you will get any problems. Just because it is not available in the Google Play Store or app store doesn’t mean it’s dangerous. It just means for one reason or another, Google don’t want to list it.

However you need to make sure that you use caution when downloading the application is this is the most vulnerable time when you open yourself up to the possibility of downloading something malicious. So you need to make sure the source you download from is very safe.

The safest way is to download via the official Showbox website. This way you can be sure you are downloading the correct and latest version.

Another extremely safe way is to go via Aptoide ( and from here you will be able to download the application and also get updates automatically via your device.

I would be very cautious about downloading the app from any other source as you won’t be able to verify if the .apk file is normal and legitimate.

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