Showbox is not working, keeps freezing, how to fix it?


If Showbox is not working it could be because of a number of things either with the application itself or the device you are using to watch it on. I will try and go through on this post the most common reasons why Showbox can have problems.


First of all you need to make sure you have the latest version and that it is verified and the correct one. There are a lot of fake versions floating around out there on the internet and you want to make sure you have the legitimate one. You can find it here on Aptoide ( or via the official website. I would be extremely hesitant about downloading it from any other source. With Aptoide you also get automatic updates so you will get notified when there is a new version available. It’s always important that you keep any software or hardware up to date.

    Another problem is that Showbox can often be slow and buffer which can be extremely frustrating when you are trying to watch a good video or movie.

    • Go to Wifi Settings

    • Switch off the Wifi so that your phone is no longer connected. You can also use Airplane mode.

    • Clear the cache of your Android device.

    • Put the Wifi back on and reconnect.

    Something else you can do to try fixing things is clearing the cache of the Showbox app.

    • Go to general settings on your android device and select the apps menu

    • Find showbox and click on it and the following screen should load.

    • Click on CLEAR DATA and CLEAR CACHE and now it should work.

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