What are some other alternative apps like Showbox?


Showbox is one of the king apps when it comes to watching and streaming movies and TV shows online but I have compiled a list of apps you may find suitable if for some crazy reason you don’t like using Showbox.

Popcorn Time
An app that has been around for quite some time and keeps on getting better and better versions with which you can access it. I have both Showbox and Popcorn Time on my android device and use them both equally. I love the layout of the site and it it very easy to navigate to where you want to go. It should be important to note though that the site gets taken down regularly so you may not be able to rely on it long term depending on the device you use and the country you access it from.

Of course when it comes to streaming sites, Netflix is probably the biggest and many, many people have subscriptions around the whole world. They also have some of the best series out there with hits such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. The android app works well too. It’s probably the best alternative when it comes to family friendliness with settings enabled to make sure that your kids don’t watch things that they should not be watching. Also very easy to use between devices such as your tablet, phone and desktop devices. I know it’s not free but the normal packages are like $10 bucks a month. It is not exactly breaking the bank.

Another great app you can use is Crackle. This actually has exclusive video content that you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere. There are many shows you can get there but unfortunately it is country/region restricted so unless you live in a country where Crackle is available, you will have a hard time accessing the content unless you go through the more difficult way of via a VPN.

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